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We're Dodgy Collective, a BJJ & Jiu-Jitsu Apparel company. We've been in the market for almost 2 years now and have definitely been rising up with awesome new ideas, designs, and building a clientele. We just came out with our Fall Line and have a pretty cool LookBook to show off all our new stuff. 

Our newest project? Dodgy DoJoes! Miniature green 3D figurines of various Jiu-Jitsu poses (think green army men). Currently, there aren't any Jiu-Jitsu toys out there. There's gear, apparel, and even accessories. We're excited to say that we're coming out with something new and never been done before.

Check out Dodgy DoJoes' kickstarter campaign on (website)!  We'd love for you to share this with the BJJ community on your blog so that we can raise enough funds to start mass producing and sharing these with the world. 


Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @dodgycollective! Thanks for your help!