Dodgy Collective


Can you draw this for me?

Where can I print these shirts?

I have a design idea?

Do you know anyone who can?

Dodgy Collective is here to get S#!% done. A group of talented individuals have come together to find a new way to do business. They will not work for you they will work with you.

Jiu Jitsu and MMA inspired designs is Dodgy Collective's main focus. Fighters don’t have time to design and print shirts while they are preparing for a fight. They need to focus on their training and their diets. All a fighter has to do with Dodgy is come up with an idea and then let Dodgy do the rest of the work. We will turn that idea into an awesome piece of art, then they work with the fighter's sponsors to get the logos added on the shirts, and then get everything printed on a great quality shirt. So the fighter can have their own custom shirts ready for their fans to wear and support them while they are in the ring, the cage, or on the mat.

The main goal is to collaborate and make great artwork…